– Richmond Hill, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

Quake-funsies 23rd December 2011

Hi. Well a new cluster heading out towards a giant rift in the ocean floor started yesterday and I’m waiting for that to avalanche and set up a tsunami – bags I scramble up a big strong tree!

I was cleaning up a friend’s house at the time as she’s had a stroke, and her house is two away from the condemned zone. Well; I grabbed the kitchen steps and framed them over my head with the floundering idea of protecting it from falling impacts, then got the hell out of there, abandoning ideas of housework and my packed lunch. Big gritty cloud from more crashed cliffs. (Aargh – just felt another one).

Most shops closed as people went home for kids etc. and checks, but I soothed my nerves with a chocky milk-shake and continued cycling slowly on the footpath, hoping any swerving cars would be stopped by the kerb.

Whoops! another struck and I fell trying to get off my bike but lucky again; it was onto park-grass and most-importantly, the milk-shake was intact haha; so I just sat there cross-legged sucking away like a baby and watching the electricity lines thrashing, and cracking jokes with a man who also got to sit down there.

You wouldn’t believe it; water spewed up from the ground about a foot and a half from us and rather off-colour jokes about free enemas … between total strangers. Some people are just plain naughty in a crisis aren’t we.

Well, I got home and there was 2 metres of the brick fence and side-post lying down for a wee rest after 91 years of sentry-duty, so I set to, smashing it up with the axe and patching with a scaffold of garden stakes and re-draping the vines. Will water it daily to get those vines growing over it.

Quite therapeutic blazing away with the axe, and since my CCTV captured everything, that evening’s entertainment was watching it topple, me come home and then racing about with the wheel-barrow etc. like the Keystone Kops – some L.O.L moments. (Oooh – there goes another quake).

Not much damage inside, and water and power O.K. Still pretty lucky. My friend told me there was a big mess inside her place and she’s on a dangerous hill.

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